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Suzuki Music in the Hudson Valley

We are private lesson teachers in our own locations that meet for recitals and other group events. Working together makes us stronger.

We plan to build a sense of community, to bring people together, make music together, and learn together.

About the Suzuki Method

Founded in the 1950s by Shinichi Suzuki, the Suzuki Method grew out of his observations that children were universally successful at learning their mother tongue. He recognized that such learning was successful because the child was totally immersed in the sounds and rhythms of the language, because the child was expected to learn only in steps appropriate to their age level, and because loving and caring parents reinforced and encouraged the learning process.

By applying these principles to musical instrument study, Suzuki developed a method of teaching that focuses on developing the whole child. With the active involvement of their parents, children are immersed in the music at home by listening to recordings of the repertoire to be learned. Children are motivated by the demonstrated interest and involvement of their parents, by seeing other students their age performing and having lessons, and by their individual experiences of success at learning, step by step, a creative and complex skill.

Teachers are trained to create a learning environment at the lesson that enables a child to learn at their own natural pace and that fosters an attitude of self-esteem that is based on real accomplishment. The learning environment centers itself around the belief that to become a fine artist or musician, one must first become a fine person. Student, parent and teacher work together in a 'triangle' of communication, supporting each other in their endeavors.

Highlights of the Suzuki Method

  • fosters a concern for the whole child — physical, social, emotional and cognitive
  • emphasizes individual appropriateness while offering a challenging curriculum, allowing children to operate on the edge of their developing capacities
  • is child centered, rather than teacher centered
  • takes "one step at a time": consolidates what the child knows and is able to do, and encourages acquisition of new skills built on a strong foundation of positively experienced "success events"
  • tailors skills acquisition "steps" to match the individual learning pace of the child, thereby guaranteeing the experience of successful learning
  • develops a positive sense of the child's own self identity, while fostering respect for others
  • creates an environment where children feel safe and valued
  • actively involves the parent in the learning process, establishing a reciprocal relationship between teacher and parent

More info

Visit Suzuki Method Wiki Page and the Suzuki Association of the Americas for more information

Cover: Nurtured By Love, book by Suzuki